Nebraska DEE Tier 2 Data Download

Welcome to the Nebraska Tier 2 download page.  Here you can download Tier 2 data by county or for the entire state.  To download files for the entire state, select the "<All>" option in the drop-down list.

What is Tier 2 data?

Any entity that stores chemicals and is required to report them under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986.  In general, these chemicals or substances have a Safety Data Sheet that describes the possible human health effects of exposure to the substance.

Note:  Contact information and facility information is always the most current information available and may not match the information submitted in the annual reports.  For information about searching for the submitted reports see the NDEE Public Records Search page.  On-line searches are available at the Nebraska Content Management Portal for reporting years 2010 and later if you know the facility ID number (use DEE Program = TL3).

File options

There are two options for file content:  CAMEO® and Data file.  The CAMEO® option generates a compressed file that can be imported into the CAMEO® software suite for emergency planners, air modelers, etc.  Individual county files can be imported without collision so that a planner for multiple counties can have a single CAMEO® database.  Files in the Data file option are slightly more compact.

The download file is compressed using the Zip file format.  The files inside the .zip file are in comma-separated variable (CSV) format.  |  Security, Privacy and Accessibility Policy
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